Marin Teknik Marine Consulting Industry & Trade Co. , founded in 2003 by an oceangoing chief engineer A. Serdar Güçlü who has a profound experience on shipping and marine industry, serviced in both ship maintenance and marine consulting with an innovative approach in the early years. 

Just after adding ship management to its operations, Marin Teknik undertook the management of the ships belong to Summit Navigation SA, Sun Shipping SA and Gals Trading SA. 

In 2004, Marin Mechanical Engineering Consulting Co. was founded to divide the maintenance and management operations within the company group. 

In 2009, the first products related with materials and equipments of sea cleaning were introduced to the market under Marin Cleaning, new brand of us. In 2012 Marin Clean Yacht and Sea Cleaning Equipments Manufacturing Ind. and Trade Co. got started. 

Marin Group has been providing services on import, export, supply, repair, maintenance, expertise and surveys related with marine industry.

Marin Group services to the marine and shipping industry together with an affordable cost and a dedicated qualified team, considering the technological and innovative developments required, in an customer oriented and cooperative approach, with a wide range of solutions against the needs of the industry. The services provided by the group are the following: 

  • Ship and sheet repairment berthed or on load in Turkish and Black Sea ports
  • Clean and paint of locker and tanks
  • Repair of deck hydraulic machines such as crane, wincher, capstan, hydraulic pump, motor etc. 
  • Test of crane and lashing equipments
  • Design of pipe and circuit systems
  • Repair and maintenance of main and auxiliary machinery
  • Repair, maintenance and recondition of pistons, exh valve, connection rod, cylinder head etc. 
  • Pump repair and maintenance
  • Repair and maintenance of the auxiliary machineries such as marine boiler, heater, cooler, turbocharger, separator etc. 
  • Engineering, expertise and consulting services
  • Provisions of the booklets such as ISM code, ISM maintenance, ISO, SOPEP etc.  
  • Ship supervisions on behalf of ship owner
  • Manufacture and supply of technical materials and equipments
  • Manufacture and import of sea cleaning products

Starting from Marin Teknik Marine Consulting on marine and shipping industry, Marin Group aims to serve and set long term cooperations with all of its customers in an innovative service line dedicated to a healthful and reliable working conditions, the best product and quality and professional experience by promoting profound solutions to the needs of marine and shipping industry. Marin Group eagerly carries on its effective service to the industry needs along with confident and firms steps with the aim of being one of the leading firms of the industry.  

Providing the best quality and service along with a professional experience and technical support on ship maintenance and service operations of marine is one of our priorities as a part of our customer satisfaction oriented approach. Environmental impact and reassurance to the users will be the indicators of our quality. With the aim to be the leader firm in ship maintenance industry the main core of our quality policy will be to support and sustain quality development studies incorporation with all of our professional staff every time; make competitive and affordable price policy admissible to international conditions of competition and make integrity a core disciple among whole dedicated staffs; embrace qualified operation approach which is to be defined as “constant improvement and training” and “do the job right the first time” as main means and principles; and stick to these principles in service. Our group is always at our customer’s service while offering an affordable cost with inside professional and qualified staff and/or in cooperation with the certified and time-tested subcontructors and ateliers for the technical and maintenance services of marine and shipping.  

Besides our services comply with ISO-9001 and DVV-GL quality standards our group is a member of Tradenet & Impa-International Marine Purchasing Association.